Best VPN for Russia to Use in 2021

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Countries like China and Russia strongly believe in internet censorship. This means that a large portion of the internet is filtered and blocked out for access while you’re in that country. From regular search engines to messaging platforms, you’ll be blocked out of your everyday internet and social media services if you happen to land in a country like Russia, unprepared.

In Russia, the government largely controls what goes in and out of the local internet. They resort of heavy blocking of most news sources, social media websites, and even messaging platforms, purely because they feel like it’s too much work to monitor them for anti-government content.

So, what happens when you land into Russia, and still wish to continue surfing the internet normally? Simple, you use a VPN. A virtual private network simply routes the traffic from your system to another location in the world, so that your information doesn’t have to originate from Russia. This removes all restrictions and you browse normally.

This is where things get interesting. The government’s bodies responsible for blocking the internet, also chase VPNs actively. They construct firewalls so that if the local internet detects VPN usage, the connection breaks automatically. This, however, doesn’t apply to a strong yet subtle VPN. Here we’re compiling a list of the best VPN services for Russia, ones that have a proven track record of working perfectly.

And you don’t have to worry, it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN in Russia.

Best VPN Services to Use in Russia

1. NordVPN

The first on our list is NordVPN, a service known globally to be one of the finest. From enabling you to access all streaming websites, to not maintaining any logs, NordVPN should be the first app that you install on your devices.

NordVPN provides the perfect package. Lightening fast speeds and astounding perks, the company runs its operations seamlessly from Panama. This also implies that you’re free from any legislation of any country because of the legal structure of Panama. To top it off, there are no surfing logs. So, whatever is it that you browse, there is no trace of it onto any server. The application also supports a kill switch, a service that shuts down applications trying to sniff your personal data. This implies that not only do you get to surf the internet with utmost privacy, you get to be at peace that no one is secretly watching you do it.

Netflix is enabled, and so is a very sophisticated encryption methodology, giving you even more peace of mind. You get to connect 6 devices for one paid subscription.

Before making a purchase, the company offers a free trial for you to evaluate if the service is good enough. Even when you put your payment details in, the company guarantees money back in the case of discontentment.

The customer service is round the clock, and perfectly mature, helping you get the solutions to your queries easily and efficiently.

2. ExpressVPN

Even though we’ve ranked ExpressVPN second in our list, its connection speeds are unmatched. With a huge number of servers all over the world, the service offers some of the best upstream and downstream traffic speeds in the world.

The feature-set of ExpressVPN is like the others. The service offers access to all social medial websites, and streaming platforms, including Netflix. The encryption is perfectly robust, and there are zero logs across the traffic channels. All of this guarantees regular browsing for you, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

The number of connections with ExpressVPN are limited to just 3, which places it a little under the top in our ranking. Keeping that aside, the company still offers an amazing 24/7 customer service.

Since there are no downloading or uploading limits, the services in perfect if you’re in Russia and are looking to download Torrents, or anything else.

Another drawback is that the company offers no free trials. So, if you’re thinking about testing the service, you are expected to create an account with your payment details and get your money back with a 30-day money back guarantee. This still makes the service free to use for the first month but failing to withdraw payment information would leave you charged for service.

3. CyberGhost

The highlight of CyberGhost? 7 simultaneous connections for one subscription. This is on top of a variety of different features. Even though the speed isn’t exactly as good as the top two VPNs we’ve mentioned, the service is perfectly good for regular use in Russia. With server coverage over 50 countries, the company ensures that your data is routed through the perfect location so that you get to enjoy regular service, with complete privacy and high speeds.

Another highlight of the service is that CyberGhost offers a free to use application as well. This of course doesn’t mean you get to enjoy the same speed of the paid version, it would help you choose if the quality of service is right for you.

4. SurfShark

SurfShark is one of the cheaper options when it comes to purchasing a VPN service, yet the company offers a similar set of services. Total privacy, and fast speeds, it’s all part of the package. The services aren’t that good as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, but they’re perfect for normal usage within Russia. The server count is small (around 500), but it still doesn’t hamper quality.

The money back guarantee is limited for 14-days, so you’ll have to decide quick!

5. VyprVPN

Even though we’re ranking VyprVPN at the bottom of our top-5 list, it’s still one of the finest services available for use within Russia. The company offers no free-versions, or money-back guarantees, but all it offers is an unparalleled level of privacy. It owns all of its servers, maintains no logs, and continuously works on its encryption algorithms, making sure you always stay protected.

There are no notable loopholes in the infrastructure, which means you get to access everything even in Russia. The only reason we rank it lower, is that the cost of usage is considerably higher than all the other VPN services.

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