ExpressVPN Works in China: A Complete Setup Guide

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The Chinese government has put so many restrictions on using the internet in the country. These censorships are known as ‘China’s Great Firewall’, and they are the biggest nightmare to nomads or expats residing in the country. 

However, you can overcome this China’s Great Firewall by using a Virtual Private Network such as ExpressVPN. And in this post, we will be focusing on Chinese internet restrictions and how you can leverage on ExpressVPN to bypass this Great Firewall in China. 

We can’t claim that China’s internet restrictions are something new. We have seen most countries do the same, especially with legal content or material. That said, it’s not a big deal to hear that China is restricting internet use in the country. 

Worst of all is that popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp are restricted, which makes it so hard to connect with your loved ones residing in other countries. 

And with so many opinions on the internet, as well as a ton of western sites, it’s just hard to find unbiased information about what’s happening across the world. 

There’s a shortcut to this stalemate, though. You can sign up for a VPN before you set out for any country so that you can break the great firewall put by the Chinese government. These VPN services will encrypt your data and route it through internal servers, making you anonymous, thus ensuring privacy. 

And the advantages of using a VPN is that you will gain access to geo-restricted sites in China and your online activities will not be spied on by the Chinese government no matter what. That said, let’s dive into how you can use ExpressVPN to beat the Great Firewall in China. 

How can ExpressVPN beat Chinese internet restrictions?

China has managed to block a ton of VPNs from functioning, but ExpressVPN still works perfectly. This is because ExpressVPN has no servers in China, which means that don’t take heed to any Chinese legislation put in place. 

Also, rest assured that the government will not bug the service’s hardware. And maybe you could be doubting this. The truth is that it happened recently with Amazon, as well as Apple servers. 

Why use ExpressVPN in China?

We can’t deny the fact that a ton of China internet users prefers ExpressVPN over the rest of other VPN service providers, and the reason is simple. First, ExpressVPN is a faster VPN service with more than 2000 servers across 94 countries. 

Secondly, ExpressVPN has a top-notch multi-platform. Additionally, it offers its users with custom firmware that they can use to install it on network routers. These are just some of the reasons why China internet users have chosen ExpressVPN over the other VPNs. 

ExpressVPN also ensures your security. It provides its users with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS protection, IPv6, WebRTC leaks, as well as perfect forward secrecy. 

This VPN service provider also has a kill switch feature for desktop that will help in stopping all traffic when your connection suddenly drops unexpectedly. The best of all is that this VPN service company has a no-logs policy, which means that your data is not leaked to any third party. That said, it allows for Bitcoin payment to improve on privacy.

You Can Get ExpressVPN free Trial

If you have been a regular VPN user, you will realize that a ton of VPN companies offer the lowest prices for customers who are willing to go for their yearly plans. 

However, if you only need short-term coverage, ExpressVPN will be your perfect choice. ExpressVPN has a 30-day money refund if you are not pleased with its services within the first 30 days.

Of course, you will need to pay a fee upfront, but the catch is that you can ask for a refund within thirty days if you’re not pleased with its services. After all, you will have used their services for some days or weeks and also get your full refund. 

How to use ExpressVPN in China

If you have never known, you should know it now. ExpressVPN is one of the VPN services that do not require special steps to connect. You only need to select your preferred server and boom, you will have access to any geo-restricted site in China. It’s that simple! 

There’s a problem, though. China blocked ExpressVPN’s site in China, which means that you will have to register and install the VPN before you set out to China. This will not hinder your operations while in China. 

And because China is a little smart in monitoring its citizens, we would like to give you a bit of caution so that you don’t fall into their trap. That said you should make sure you have followed some few steps before connecting your VPN for the first time. 

First, make sure that ExpressVPN automatically connects your device to the Virtual Private Network when it’s on. On your main page, click the three lines at the top-left and select ‘Options.’

In the General tab, allow the first two options. This will guarantee your protection each time you are browsing. If you are using the desktop application, we recommend that you enable “stop all internet traffic” if the connection drops unexpectedly. 

Why does China restrict the internet so heavily?

In reality, China is restricting internet use intending to protect its citizens from content or material that can mislead, divide or incite hatred. 

The only challenge with this is that all ideas are open to interpretation and the Chinese government has the authority to decide which materials fall under what and whether or not they fall under an unwanted category. 

That said, the Chinese government uses its Great Firewall to keep mum the political opponents that may be wanting to corrupt, mislead, divide or incite hatred among its citizens. 

It’s ridiculous that the government legislation is ambiguously worded and only favors the Chinese government to restrict as many materials as they can, which is wrong. 

For example, the Chinese government views it as an offense if someone published content critical of the government. It won’t matter whether the news are balanced – the government will take that as an aim to create division or incite the citizens. This means that Chinese citizens must be very careful with what they post publicly.

The Chinese government has gone further to restrict the discussion of celebrities, taking it as a crime. This is another infringement of the citizens right to freedom. 

What kind of services are blocked in China?

China does not only limit political content in the country. There are a ton of websites that have been blocked by the Chinese government, but recent estimates have suggested that the Chinese government has blocked approximately 10,000 domains. Below is a list of content the Chinese government has restricted. 

  1. Communication platforms such as Slack, Gmail and WhatsApp 
  2. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Twitch
  4. News sites such as NYTimes, BBC, and The Guardian
  5. Search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo
  6. VPN providers and proxy-related sites 
  7. Cloud-storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive
  8. Information sites such as Quota, and Wikipedia

Do any other VPNs work in China?

The Chinese government has tried to stop most VPNs from offering solutions to its restrictions. That said, there are not many VPN services that work in China. 

As of now, the only VPN service providers that operate in China are VyprVPN, Ivacy, ExpressVPN, StrongVPN, and NordVPN. 

VPNs in China: FAQs

Can I check whether a specific site is blocked?

There are Great Firewall tools that can help you check whether or not a site you want to visit is restricted. It is important to note that China regularly updates its restrictions. 

What should I do if my VPN Service is unexpectedly blocked?

If by any chance you find yourself not able to access your VPN, the only thing you can do is to wait and see if the VPN service will come back after some time. As we said earlier, they are steps you can take before you travel. 

How safe is it safe to use a VPN in China?

We can’t lie to you. Accessing VPNs is heavily restricted in China, though the service isn’t illegal in China. For example, the government approves any business to choose any pre-approved VPN services in the country. 

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