ExpressVPN and Torrenting: All You Need to Know

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An attested VPN is a must-have if you want to protect your identity online while browsing or downloading data from torrent networks. 

A VPN prevents other peer-to-peer networks from accessing your data, thus hiding your IP address from online preys and fraudsters. 

If you don’t want to be a victim of these risks, check out ExpressVPN. It has tons of offers, including a reliable option for torrenting. 

Also, ExpressVPN is one of the top-notch services out there with robust privacy options for enhancing anonymity while downloading files from torrent networks. 

Is ExpressVPN Good for Torrenting?

Just like we mentioned earlier, ExpressVPN is an excellent option for downloading torrents anonymously. It helps hide your IP address by replacing it with the IP address of the respective VPN server you connect to.  

Although there are tons of reliable VPN services that provide the anonymity option, most of them lack unlimited numbers of servers to connect to, thus limited throttling and bandwidth. ExpressVPN, however, has massive network servers around the world, with up to 2,000 servers optimized for faster download speeds. 

Additionally, it has an easy-to-use app, which is compatible with several devices, including your laptop, computer, mobile phone, or even tablet. All you need to do before downloading the app is to select the payment option you’d like to use, provide your email address, then pay for the service. 

Once that is done, connect to any of the 148 VPN server locations, after which you may begin downloading torrents anonymously as well as browsing without a lag. 

If you are in dire need of a VPN, ExpressVPN will be a better option. It offers secure encryption protocols that ensure additional security while anonymously downloading torrents. This feature also helps to secure the VPN servers you connect to; thus, your privacy is fully guaranteed while you stay online.  

Does ExpressVPN Include Restrictions for Torrenting?

If you’ve never used ExpressVPN before, then you’re probably missing a lot. With ExpressVPN, you have the flexibility of torrenting from any site – it does not impose any restrictions. 

To download torrent files anonymously, visit any website that grants access to torrents, then you can proceed to download your torrent content, and watch without any buffer. Alternatively, you may use any peer-to-peer torrent network without restrictions

However, some countries don’t provide access to popular websites for torrenting, including Google and Facebook. But, never to worry because, with a secure VPN, you can watch from geo-restricted sites without any difficulties.  

Does ExpressVPN Keep Logs for Torrents?

ExpressVPN is governed by the British Virgin Islands, which keeps no logs for its users. They prefer this location due to the lack of data retention laws.  In other words, your browsing history, DNS queries, and metadata are not kept by the company. 

Remember, this is an added advantage because, with no logs policy for torrents, your privacy is more established as compared to a free torrent proxy. These proxies may collect and sell your data without your consent, which makes it unreliable.  

How to Use ExpressVPN with Torrent Client?

Using ExpressVPN along torrent clients is much more comfortable. Usually, the company recommends uTorrent. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re restricted from using any torrent client – feel free to use the torrent client of your preference. 

On most occasions, ExpressVPN will not require you to configure any settings in the torrent client. For instance: with uTorrent, your connection is fully established even before opening the uTorrent itself. Now you see why we recommend uTorrent?

What’s more, uTorrent ensures your IP address isn’t visible while anonymously downloading torrents. ExpressVPN also gives an alternative IP binding setting in uTorrent as well as other torrent clients, thus limiting your torrenting activities to a single IP address.  

ExpressVPN offers an additional feature known as the Network Lock, which ensures that you remain anonymous in case of connectivity issues. It also helps in eliminating the IP binding option in uTorrent. 

Is It Safe to Use ExpressVPN with Torrents?

Over the years, torrenting has remained legal only when non-copyrighted files are shared. This means downloading copyrighted files such as music, games, movies, and television shows, among other data, is illegal. 

Academic research files, Linux distributions, and videos or music from independent creators are some of the content that you can access legally.   

You don’t have to distress about your privacy online while browsing, downloading torrents, or even streaming video content because ExpressVPN offers a reliable solution. It can also be used in multi-devices only if you download its app. Besides, ExpressVPN comes with several features that promote your anonymity online while securing torrenting activities. 

And the bottom line of these all is that ExpressVPN should be your first-class option if you want to remain anonymous online while browsing and downloading torrent files. 

Felix Olsson

Felix Olsson

Felix Olsson is a VPN and web security expert. He is a tech enthusiast who loves testing VPN services and the latest developments in the cybersecurity world. You'll often find him either reading privacy policies or testing a new service or device.

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