How to Install IPVanish on Kodi: Step-by-Step

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IPVanish tends to meet most users’ needs who want to stream their favorite TV show or media content. So, if you are looking forward to using IPVanish VPN on Kodi, you are in the right place. 

IPVanish also boasts of more than 1,300 servers in more than seventy-five locations, in which all of them can help in bypassing geo-restrictions out in place on Kodi. Even more, IPVanish can be simultaneously connected to ten devices. 

The best of all is that the VPN service provider ensures that your original IP address is kept anonymous using military-grade encryption. 

Also, users find IPVanish user-friendly and it has a no-logs policy. That said, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this post. 

How to Install IPVanish on Kodi

There are two methods you can set up IPVanish VPN on Kodi. Check out below for more details:

1st Method: Install IPVanish on Background

If you want to keep IPVanish running on the background and start streaming instantly on Kodi, then you need to install this app on Windows. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Using the IPVanish official website, buy the paid subscription of IPVanish. 

Step 2: Download and install the VPN client on your preferred device. 

Step 3: Once the installation process is up, you may now start the IPVanish and enter your login credentials. 

Step 4: Head on and choose your preferred server location. 

Step 5: Kodi Lastly, leave the IPVanish running on the background and start Kodi. 

Having followed the above procedure, accessing geo-restricted sites on Kodi is dead simple. You may also watch your favorite TV shows without any buffer. 

However, it is worth noting that following the procedures to a tee will protect you from IP conflicts that might hinder you from accessing your preferred add-ons. Also, for more details about its services, you can read on the IPVanish review.

Method 2: Install IPVanish via OpenVPN Manager

Step 1: Download the Zomboided repository on your device. 

Step 2: Head on and launch Kodi. 

Step 3: Choose your preferred Add-ons. 

Step 4:  On the furthest left corner, click on the box icon to select your package installer. 

Step 5: Proceed to the zip file and select install. 

Step 6: Go back to the first destination where you have downloaded the Zomboided Repository zip and launch it. 

Step 7: Now, select Install from the repository option. 

Step 8: After you’ve selected Install from repository, choose Zomboided Add-on Repository, then Services, VPN Manager for OpenVPN, and Install.  

Step 9: Launch the VPN manager program Add-ons and proceed to Settings. 

The steps above will help you run IPVanish on your Kodi for the unlimited streaming experience. 

How to Use IPVanish on Kodi

I’m guessing that you’ve already subscribed to IPVanish VPN, but you don’t have any idea on how to use it on Kodi. Do not fret because we’ve outlined steps for configuring IPVanish on Kodi:

Step 1: Using the VPN Manager, select the VPN configuration, then proceed to Settings. 

Step 2: Fill in your username and login credentials you used when signing up for IPVanish. 

Step 3: Select the VPN Connections tab. 

Step 4: Using the VPN Manager, verify your credentials. 

Step 5: Choose your preferred server location to access Kodi. 

Step 6: Now, having completed the whole procedure, you’re good to go. 

It is worth noting that using specific Kodi add-ons without a VPN exposes you at risk of losing connection from your server. 

How to Log out or Disconnect from IPVanish on Kodi

Step 1: Head over to the home screen of the VPN Manager. 

Step 2: Click on “Change or disconnect the VPN connection. 

Step 3: Now select Disconnect from IPVanish on Kodi. 

How to Change Server Locations on IPVanish with Kodi

Step 1: On the main screen of the VPN Manager, click on “Change or disconnect VPN connection.”

Step 2: Select your preferred server location. 

How IPVanish allows you to stream Kodi Add-ons Securely

Kodi is a legitimate streaming service that offers tons of add-ons with a variety of streaming channels. This has helped enhance add-ons that provide a streaming experience for free.  

Because anonymity matters the most when streaming on Kodi, IPVanish prevents your visibility using the ISP feature and AES 256-bit encryption protocols it provides its users. 

This means that you can easily access any add-on to watch Kodi, whether legal or illegal, without facing law ramifications. 

Accessing Geo-restricted Channels on Kodi with IPVanish

There are diversities of streaming services that are precisely available online within the emerging country. 

This becomes a challenge for viewers who want to stream on Kodi but are located abroad. BBC iPlayer, for example, is only available in the UK, making it inconvenient for those residing outside the UK.  

IPVanish, however, grants you the opportunity to change your current location by connecting to one of the services offered. This means that you can access geo-restricted sites regardless of your location. 

That said, IPVanish permits access to any streaming channel without any buffer. 

Finishing Up

If you want to have an exceptional streaming experience, then you’re at the right place. It allows you to access geo-restricted sites while you remain anonymous online. 

Now, watching on Kodi is dead, having gone through this post. If the first guide doesn’t work for you, feel free to try the other one so you can unblock geo-restricted streaming sites. 

Meanwhile, we hope that you find this guide useful. Please leave your comments below.

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