How to Install NordVPN on Firestick: Step-by-Step Guide

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NordVPN is one of the sought-after VPNs across the globe. It takes pride in providing its users with top-grade services, as well as features. Besides, it’s compatible with a variety of devices, including the Firestick. 

Now, you can successfully download the NordVPN app and use it on your Fire TV. But, how do you configure NordVPN on a Firestick?

Do not fret because this is the sole reason you’re on this post – to get the very best on how to install NordVPN on a Firestick. 

However, it is worth noting that this is not one of the run-off-the-mill posts you’ll find elsewhere because the guide I’m about to provide you with is well-researched. 

That said, NordVPN grants you the opportunity to unblock geo-restricted sites on your Firestick. Also, with the ISP feature, your anonymity is enhanced while you stay connected. 

So without any delay, let’s dive in:

How to install NordVPN on Firestick

With the advance in technology, NordVPN has introduced an app that’s compatible with Fire TV. You may now access it directly from Amazon and install it on your Firestick. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Sign up for NordVPN on its official website. Note that every plan offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to test their services. 
  2. Start your Fire TV and load the home screen. 
  3. Select the magnifying glass icon at the top and enter “NordVPN” into the search bar. 
  4. Choose the NordVPN app, which should be the initial result. 
  5. Select the Get button as the app downloads, then install. 
  6. Now, the Get button should be an Open button, meaning you can access NordVPN from your Apps page. 
  7. The NordVPN app is now set up. In case of any updates, select Download and Install, then proceed to install the updates. 
  8. Enter the username and login credentials you used when signing up for the service. 
  9. Lastly, you can select your preferred location to connect the VPN. 

How to install NordVPN on Firestick manually 

Years back before NordVPN released a compatible app for Fire TV, launching NordVPN on a Firestick was indeed a challenge. Initially, you were required to download the Android version of the app along with a unique app for touchscreen navigation on Fire TV.

That’s it. There’s not much to this method as everything is straightforward. The same applies to any other VPN that offers no specific apps for Firestick. 

A second-generation Firestick is essential for Android apps not available on the Fire TV. This will help foster the process of installing a VPN in your Firestick. But before that, make sure that you get access to the APK file of your VPN app from its official website.

Due to the design of the NordVPN’s interface, controlling the app using the standard remote that comes with the Firestick is out of the question. However, to save yourself this hassle, you can either use a Bluetooth mouse or smartphone to control the input.

On the main screen, select Settings at the very top, then Device. Head on to the Developer options, and fasten the following settings – ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources. Again to the home screen, choose the magnifying glass icon to search for the Downloader app. Select “Get,” install, and let it run.

Enter the download URL to the APK file search bar. This may take a while, especially when using the Firestick remote because the original link for NordVPN is exceptionally long. So to make things simpler, head on to a page that offers the same connection on NordVPN’s official site and enter the more straightforward URL. 

This will give you easy access to the primary browser available in the Downloader app. You may now find the download link using instructional controls on the remote. Click on the center button to start the download. 

Once the download process is over, you’ll be instructed to install the app. Make sure to do so and exit the Downloader. 

Being a third-party app, it won’t show on the main screen or the Apps page. This will prompt you to navigate through Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Applications, and finally select your respective VPN app from the outlined list. Once you’ve chosen your VPN, click “Launch Application.” 

Depending on the design of your downloaded app and how it’s displayed, you might be able to log in and establish a connection immediately. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with NordVPN and any other VPN apps. Forcing interaction between the limited remote buttons and the touch screen app is quite impossible; instead, you’ll need a mouse to complete the process. 

How to control NordVPN on Firestick using old method 

If you have a Bluetooth mouse, establishing a connection to your Fire TV is dead simple. Alternatively, you may use a smartphone or a tablet to control the Fire TV, which we’ll show you in a couple of minutes. 

Amazon offers a TV remote app for Firestick, but without a mouse control. Even so, it exhibits the ordinary functions of the standard remote. However, having tested several solutions, we found the best option to be Remote for Fire TV app.

The services this app guarantees are worth the price ($2), thus better value for money. Either way, you may also want to try the free option of CetusPlay that’s available on the Fire TV app store. It also serves the same purpose as Remote for Fire TV. 

The CetusPlay, however, will help you manage the mouse movements. The problem? It doesn’t offer clicks to take you through the installation procedure. As such, you may want to leverage your options to determine the right choice. We’d, therefore, encourage you to try the free option, CetusPlay.

To use the free option, you’ll have to install this app on both your Firestick and smartphone or tablet. You can get the mobile version on the Amazon app store and not Google Play. Make sure to get your facts right because you’ll find the same app for Android TV on Google Play, which may prompt you to download the universal app. 

Instead, install the Amazon App Store on your Android device to download the app precisely meant for Fire TV. If you’re operating on a single Amazon account, then you’ll have to purchase the app once. 

We didn’t see the need to try the app on the iOS version due to its poor rating. It has a one-star review, making it unreliable. Some users, however, seem to recommend it even though you’ll have to incur additional costs by purchasing it on both the Apple App Store and your Fire TV.

Upon installation of the app on your Fire TV, make sure to fix the first item while the second one runs the app on boot option. Meanwhile, it would help if you came across an indicator at the bottom, which says, “Started.” Don’t click anything as no action is required – the app runs automatically in the background. 

For effectiveness, both the Firestick and the second Android Device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can connect your Firestick using your phone or tablet then proceed to select the mouse option and use it as a touchpad on your laptop. Use the s-up and s-down buttons to scroll through the screen. 

Once everything is set up, you can proceed to open NordVPN back up and use it from the remote app. In the case of NordVPN, click the person icon page to get to the sign-in page, where your credentials are required. You may then select a location of your preference to connect. 

If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll have to permit connection to the app. Your connection should maintain stability until the Device is switched off. Your Firestick should now be ready for a VPN. 

Alternative VPNs that make Fire TV apps

There are tons of excellent providers that come in handy with Fire TV optimized apps, so you don’t have to stick to NordVPN.

ExpressVPN and IPVanish are some of them. They can start working automatically on your Firestick once installed, and are completely functional with the Fire TV remote, so you don’t have to maneuver around looking for solutions. Also, with these VPNs, rest assured of automatic updates.

ExpressVPN, however, offers top-notch services to its Fire TV users, including the Comparitech readers, for free within the three months of sign-up. Note that this offer only applies to those who have signed up for the annual plan. 

Besides, the plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a better value for money compared to IPVanish’s annual program, which offers a 7-days money refund. 

Avoid using third-party APKs

Let’s face it. We often prefer shortcuts to legitimate ways, but have you thought the harm it can impact you?

Well, to effectively use NordVPN on your Fire TV, please download the app from its official website – it won’t cost you a dime. However, you can use a third-party app store and APK websites to download Android apps, as well as APK files. 

The reason why we recommend using the official website is for credibility purposes. Mark you, these APK files you’ll find in third-party websites, on most occasions, they were not put there by the official developer. 

 There has been little modification performed on these third-party APK files, so they have similar icons as to those in the official site. To cut a long story short, ensure that you acquire APKs the legitimate way by downloading them via the official website. 

Updating the VPN app

As mentioned earlier, NordVPN offers automatic updates, and as such, your Firestick app should update automatically. If you manually installed the app, performing updates becomes a challenge. Also, because you installed the app from an “unknown” source, you’ll have to update manually as well.

This means that you’ll have to monitor updates single-handedly and begin the installation process again. The same applies when updating using the mouse, but the difference comes in during installation where you’ll see an “update” button instead of the “install” button. 

Is First-generation Firestick Effective?

Your VPN app will probably not run with the first generation Fire TV Stick. You may install the app; however, you won’t establish a connection in the background unless you upgrade to a second-generation or use a VPN that’s compatible with the router.

If you’re not sure of what generation you’re using, check out for the FCC ID number on the Firestick. Usually, first-generation sticks take the code 2ABDU-0509. 

To establish a connection on all your connected devices, you’ll have to configure the VPN on your wifi router to a single VPN server. Sadly, most routers won’t support default VPNs. 

A router firmware can help out with this. All you have to do is to ensure the VPN is compatible with the router you’d wish to connect. Most importantly, the router should support DD-WRT firmware or Tomato. Other notable alternatives include AsusWRT and OpenWRT. 

NordVPN with Firestick – how good is it?

We’ve run a couple of tests on NordVPN, and we can confidently say that it works perfectly on Kodi, as well as Firestick. NordVPN supports all the Kodi add-ons without any buffer. Besides, it’s lightweight so that it won’t lag the Firestick’s resources. The speeds are also excellent for HD streaming.

NordVPN has strict no-logs policy and encryption protocols to enhance your anonymity while you stay connected. Also, your protection is fully-guaranteed from malicious add-ons and attacks. 

NordVPN can bypass the geo-restrictions, meaning you can access a variety of blocked content, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO. 

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