Does NordVPN Work With Netflix? [Easy Setup Guide]

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If you love streaming, you should probably be looking for ways to access different versions of Netflix. But here is the big question, how do you get to do that?

Well, things have become much more comfortable with the Virtual Private Network (VPN). With a VPN, you can now access Netflix from different parts of the country.

In this post, we’re going to test if NordVPN works perfectly with Netflix. With that in mind, we believe you will have all the answers to your questions about using a VPN to access Netflix

Surprisingly, Netflix content continuously varies from one location to another, which means you can only watch the trivial shows available on Netflix at that particular moment.


Each service has copyrights to showcase specific titles in specified countries. However, you may decide to go against the rules by connecting to a VPN that makes you appear you’re residing in another country. 

The only problem is that Netflix is smart enough to detect whether or not you’re using a VPN service. In fact, with the massive number of services that can unblock Netflix, they’ll only allow you to watch from at least two locations. 

We’ve done some extensive tests on NordVPN to prove its compatibility with different devices as well as its ability to unblock Netflix from different countries. Stay tuned for more details. 

Why choose NordVPN for Netflix?

When it comes to streaming, NordVPN wins. It is one of the first-class services with more than 5,000 servers in up to 62 countries. 

Its ability to unblock geographically restricted sites including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, makes it accessible from other services. 

Additionally, NordVPN provides the flexibility of connecting to a country of your liking, thus unblocking regional blackouts imposed by networks such as MLB, NHL, and UFC. 

What’s more, your security is fully guaranteed. With the DNS and WebRTC leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, IPv6, perfect forward secrecy, and a strict no-logs policy, rest assured your online activities are kept private. Besides, it also comes with a customized app-specific kill switch for desktop versions. 

Aside from that, NordVPN works perfectly with Netflix. It is capable of unblocking the US Netflix version as well as other versions from different countries. It provides easy instructions and is compatible with operating systems and popular devices. 

How to unblock Netflix using NordVPN

If you’ve worked with a NordVPN before, then you should probably know how easy it is to unblock geo-restricted sites such as Netflix. 

Below are the necessary steps to guide you through when using a VPN:

  1. Register for NordVPN if you haven’t before. 
  2. Download the appropriate app for your device from the Google app store. 
  3. Select the country you’d like to access Netflix.
  4. Connect to a NordVPN server in your selected country. 
  5. Finally, try watching content from Netflix. In most cases, it will start playing immediately, but if not, you may have to reload the page and clear the cache first. 

Does NordVPN unblock Netflix from abroad?

There are tons of VPN out there. To examine their capabilities of unblocking Netflix from different regions, we tested 59 popular VPNs in up to 30 countries. NordVPN was able to access a maximum of six, including the Netflix US, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, and the UK.   

Better yet, each of the above versions would open easily in a browser, Android apps, and iOS. Of course, things will continue changing as Netflix also upgrade their VPN detection measures.  

The good news though, is that NordVPN can unblock Netflix from any part of the world regardless of your location. However, if you don’t reside from any of the six countries, a DNS proxy will permit you to watch the US Netflix. 

For instance: You want to watch Netflix from a China-based NordVPN server, you’ll be redirected to the US Netflix while your traffic online appears to be from your chosen region. This is because NordVPN has the highest market penetration for Netflix, which provides access to as many areas as possible. 

Using NordVPN with Netflix: FAQs

Why do I get an error when I watch Netflix with VPN?

Most VPN services out there are capable of unblocking Netflix across the world. Such attempts will lead to the appearance of the following error: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Netflix is the world’s top-notch streaming platform, and as such, has generated enough capital and time to prevent VPN users from accessing whichever content they want to. But as we speak, NordVPN has proven to overcome the VPN-detection measures.  

If you still experience such errors on your end, feel free to contact the customer support team through their 24/7 live chat for help. 

Netflix isn’t available in my country. Can I still sign up?

Being a popular streaming platform, Netflix is available in up to 190 countries. Don’t worry if you’re residing in a location where NordVPN isn’t possible, because you may register using a VPN. 

But first, you need to find a Netflix gift card for yourself. You can always get them from a variety of online stores, although you have to ensure that the seller’s integrity has been verified. Failure to do so will have you penalized for purchasing a gift card with an invalid code. 

Once that is done, you may now connect your VPN to any server where Netflix is available, then follow the usual registration process and pay using your gift card. Finally, they’ll require you to enter the code on your gift card, after which you can stream freely. Mark you, every time you want to stream any content, you’ll have to connect to the VPN.

Is it possible to access Netflix libraries with a free VPN?

Of course, most free services come with handy disadvantages rather than advantages. For example, they have limited servers located in many countries, thus poor connectivity. It is even worse when it comes to streaming as you’re likely to watch low-resolution videos.   

Most free VPN services are unable to bypass Netflix’s VPN detection measures, which means you cannot access other geo-restricted sites.

Free VPNs are a poor choice if you want to access other international Netflix versions due to queuing systems as well as unreliable speeds.  

Don’t get it wrong. Not all their services are free as they claim. Some will have you pay a fee in terms of personal data in exchange for high speeds. 

With a free VPN expect no valuable privacy. Your data can be sold to online advertisers without your knowledge as most of them lack logs policy of protecting one’s privacy. 

Choosing the right VPN can be downright frustrating, but here is a clue. Before settling on any VPN, whether free or paid, ensure that it is capable of securing your online activities from prying eyes or even fraudsters. 

However, you can protect your online activities from fraudsters by purchasing an ideal VPN with robust encryption protocols and logs policy that guarantees your online privacy.

Do VPNs negatively affect my connection speed?

Sadly, regardless of whichever VPN you use, you’re likely to experience unreliable speeds from time to time. Some services offer superb speed connectivity, but it may not be effortless to evaluate this as your connection speed is influenced by factors such as the distance from the VPN server, your connection protocol, as well as the current server load. 

This is a minor problem in most popular VPNs. Usually, your connection speed should be slower by one-third, which means with a download speed of 8Mbps, you can watch from any part of the world without buffer.  

If you go through Netflix guidelines, you can confirm that they recommend a download speed not lower than 3Mbps to enable you to watch videos on standard definition. Of course, the speed increases as the resolution increases too. 

To watch HD videos, you’ll need a download speed of 5Mbps, and 25Mbps for 4K content. Note that you’ll need at least 0.5Mbps download speed to operate on this service, which most people already have.   

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Felix Olsson

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