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Reviewing a VPN and issuing a consumer verdict is a task bearing immense responsibility. We understand that our readers depend upon our judgement and choose to spend their money. To ensure that we maintain the utmost integrity, we compose our VPN reviews after a strict and thorough VPN review process. It’s an extensive 10-step procedure, that dissects each VPN on multiple levels to make sure that the finest quality of service is offered.

In the process of reviewing a VPN, we step into the boots of a regular customer and go through the same process that our reader would have to go through. This means that we do not ask for free-trials or sponsorships from VPN companies and pay back the favor by writing a biased review. We absolutely do not do that, which makes our reviews completely free from undue praise or nepotism.

Here’s what we do to review VPNs for you guys:

1. Check reasonable pricing options

Since the first step is making a purchase, our reviews dissect the pricing options. We review all available payment plans, to evaluate which would be the perfect option for our readers. We take on multiple aspects in this; the duration of the payment plan, the resulting monthly price, and the feature set that comes with the plan.

We then present our readers with multiple options to choose from, so that it’s easier to make a choice with all the features stacked up against pricing.

2. Install and test it on different devices 

It’s very important for a VPN to be able to function perfectly on multiple devices. A regular VPN user never sticks to using a single machine to surf the internet. In addition to a computer, there are often multiple handheld devices. Because of the difference in operating system within computers and handheld devices, it is important to check if the VPN is effective across all fronts.

Once we make the purchase, we install the VPN on all operating systems, across multiple devices. From windows to Mac, and Android to the iOS, we cover all operating systems and conduct tests on them separately. This gives us the confidence to recommend a VPN to all of our readers, regardless of which device or operating system that they use.

3. Is it good for torrenting?

Since many internet users use VPN to download content via torrents, we test VPNs for torrenting too. We use multiple magnets, and torrent sources to make sure that the VPN connects to seeds in servers across the world. Once the torrenting begins, we monitor upstream and downstream speeds along with the connectivity to seeds. We enhance bandwidth allocation as well to ensure that the VPN can handle that too.

4. Test speed of different servers

A major quality to look for in a VPN is its ability to connect to multiple servers across the world. This gives you the ability to mask your identity, and route it through any country in the world. We test VPNs by connecting to all available servers, just to make sure that the service offers optimum speed throughout all servers in its connection. This would ensure that whenever you connect to a server in any country, your experience is seamless!

5. Check for privacy: DNS leaks, IP leaks, WebRTC leaks, other. 

This is a major step in evaluating if a VPN is any good. The basic premise of a VPN is to be able to protect your privacy completely and perfectly to ensure that there are no leaks into the network. This is done is make sure that the masking is not compromised on any level. We test the VPNs by trying to break into our own connections through algorithms. In addition to this, we run traces on the protocol to ensure that no personal data ever leaks out.

6. Does it work with popular services like Netflix, Kodi, BBC iPlayer 

Surprisingly, a huge number of VPN users use it only to stream content through popular websites, that are often blocked in some countries. This includes Netflix, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, or sometimes even Youtube. We maintain a list of such websites and run all of them through the VPNs that we test to make sure you get to watch everything you want.

7. Does it bypass censorship 

In addition to streaming websites, countries often place firewalls on social media, and news outlets to censor content within a country. Popular examples are China, and Russia. Our testing includes running all restricted entry points through a VPN and ensure that they are displayed perfectly and completely.

8. Check for privacy-unfriendly jurisdictions, logging policy 

When you’re normally using a VPN, you’re doing it to bypass restrictions and to ensure your privacy on the internet. This is useless if your VPN is logging your activity and your data usage along with your credentials and saving it on a server. This is even worse if that activity is being logged on a server in a country where there are cyber laws against some internet usage. If you’re using a VPN on our recommendation, rest assured that we’ve tested those and found no logging or jurisdictions!

9. How good is their support? 

VPN users often find themselves stuck with multiple issues. Be it streaming lag, frequent dysconnectivity, or simply blocked access to several websites. A good VPN service must ensure that all its customers are provided immediate service so that their issues are resolved. We test VPNs by querying their customer service, and monitoring response times and knowledge level. Our recommendations usually feature an immediate response along with issue resolution!

10. How easy is it to use?

We scan VPNs from head to toe to check their usability. From installing and running the application to basic UI/UX elements, we carry out strict usability routines on the VPNs to make sure you face no problems in connecting.

After we’re done with all of these steps, we compile a comprehensive VPN review that’s very easy to read and understand by our users. Be sure to check out all the VPN reviews that we’ve featured to see what fits you best.

Happy browsing!

Felix Olsson

Felix Olsson

Felix Olsson is a VPN and web security expert. He is a tech enthusiast who loves testing VPN services and the latest developments in the cybersecurity world. You'll often find him either reading privacy policies or testing a new service or device.

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