NordVPN vs Windscribe [2022 Comparison]

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It is no secret that these days all VPN service providers claim to be the best. They market themselves to win more subscribers, and you’d wonder which VPN service provider is the best among them. For example, NordVPN lines itself as the best and so do Windscribe VPN. We would want to make a comparison of the two so that you decide which among the two will suit your needs. 

More people are using NordVPN for their online activities, but that shouldn’t make you discredit Windscribe VPN. If you go by the apps, you will find out that the two VPN service providers outcompete each other, which means that it would be wrong to discredit any of them so soon. Curious? Let’s find out more. 

NordVPN vs Windscribe Compared

Security and privacy

You know, Windscribe offers a free version, which means you can access some of their decent services, but for this comparison, we will only compare the paid version of both VPNs – Windscribe and NordVPN. 

Both of these VPN service providers offer its users robust protection with the use of military-grade AES-256 encryption. This algorithm is what the NSA and the United States government use to secure their online activities. 

NordVPN provides its users with DNS leak protection, as well as VPN encryption that is meant to protect its users. On the other hand, Windscribe offers its users with a Firewall that helps in preventing WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leaks. It is also essential that we mention that users are satisfied with these two VPN service providers, so no worries. 

And maybe you are wondering about the logs. This is probably the most challenging part — Nordvpn advocates of a no-logs policy. For example, NordVPN ordered an independent audit by PwC firm to ascertain users that they are by their word. On the other hand, Windscribe does not have “no-logs” policy, but they promise their users that they don’t keep “identifying logs.” This means that the user data they store cannot be traced back to you. 

NordVPN comes from a small country, which does not have data retention laws, as well as don’t subscribe to the 14 or 5 eyes group. On the other hand, Windscribe comes from Canada, a country that has a connection with the Five Eyes surveillance alliance. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust Windscribe. For example, in 2018, the VPN company got orders to provide their users’ data but instead chose not to provide their users’ data. 

In conclusion, in terms of privacy and security, both VPNs are exceptional, but NordVPN can be said to be slightly better than Windscribe. Again, we insist – marginally better — no significant difference. 

Speed and performance

You won’t believe this, but the reality is that NordVPN has 5,300+ physical servers in more than 60 countries. On the other hand, Windscribe has more than 540 servers in 55 countries across the world. All these servers are physical and can be traced to specific locations. 

It is evident that NordVPN has more servers than Windscribe, and that NordVPN wins here, but that shouldn’t give you room to discredit Windscribe because our tests for speed and performance gives some credit to Windscribe too. 

NordVPN was able to give us results of 80 Mbps upload and download speed in the United States, 40 Mbps in Singapore, and 140 Mbps in Europe. On the other hand, we managed to obtain the following results with Windscribe: 170 Mbps of upload and download speed in the United States, 60 Mbps in Japan, and 300 Mbps in London. With this result, you can see that Windscribe is the ultimate winner in this category. 

There is no doubt that NordVPN beats Windscribe in terms of overall performance, but it will be useless, especially if you want to stream or play online games, where you will require excellent upload and download speeds. And in this (upload and download speeds), Windscribe takes the day. That we cannot deny as you can see from the test results. 


Speaking of high speeds, how does the Windscribe vs NordVPN comparison change when it comes to bypassing Netflix’s geo-fencing and P2P torrenting? Let’s take a look.

Now, back to speed: how will the comparison between these two mighty VPN service providers change when you intend to unblock geo-restricted peer-to-peer and Netflix? Let’s find out. 

Let’s be honest. We already agreed that Windscribe takes the day when it comes to speed. But if you want to stream geo-restricted streaming websites like Netflix, you will need any of Windscribe’s dedicated servers, WindFlix UK, or WindFlix US, which do not guarantee excellent speeds. 

Also, when you try to stream from Amazon Prime or BBC iPlayer, you may get varying results, though Windscribe will allow you to watch NBC and Comedy Central. Your location won’t matter for this. 

On the other hand, NordVPN tends to be much slower, but very reliable when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted streaming websites such as Netflix, Kodi, and BBC iPlayer. Therefore, expect no issues when you are streaming the mentioned streaming websites using NordVPN. 


When it comes to torrenting, both VPN companies allow their users to share peer-to-peer files, which is an added advantage to you. When using Windscribe to share P2P data, you will be restricted to Russian, Indian, and South African servers. It is also important to mention that you should avoid over-crowded servers (that are always free) when using Windscribe for P2P file sharing. 

On the other hand, NordVPN is perfect for torrenting. It offers its users excellent speeds, optimized servers, SOCKS5 proxy to enhance your speed, as well as security. This may depend on your needs, though. 

In conclusion, NordVPN will slightly win in this category. 

Customer support

Finally, we can conclude with the customer support system for both VPN service providers. With NordVPN, you will get self-help resources, such as FAQs, as well as guides, and a 24/7 customer live support. You can access the live support chat at any time as the customer support team are always ready to assist their customers whenever they reach out. 

On the contrary, Windscribe doesn’t have customer live support. Instead, you can find the solutions you seek using their guides or FAQs. If you must talk to one of their customer support representatives, you will have to first go through bot Gary’s live chat, after which you will be prompted to submit a ticket. Even though this bot tries to solve every customer’s problem, the truth is that it can be a little downright frustrating at times. 


We can see that both VPN service providers – NordVPN and Winscribe are good. The truth is that NordVPN is overall exceptional, but we can’t deny the fact that Winscribe is also a threat when we try to compare the two against specific categories. For example, we saw that Windscribe was way better than NordVPN in terms of upload and download time. That said, we declare NordVPN as the overall winner, but we must say that Windscribe is also a good alternative. 

Felix Olsson

Felix Olsson

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